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thank you!

Anonymous said: Do u have a crush on anyone??

my boyfriend, yes

so my mom asked me if I wanted to go with her to the lupus walk this morning and at first I didn’t really want to but once she expressed to me why she was doing I felt more than happy to go with her. she told me that she use to do this woman’s hair (my mom owns a hair salon) and her daughter named China had lupus really bad but she would always walk with her mom to get her hair done. my mom said she was always in pain but she would always come in and hug her and kiss her and she was so sweet. I remember the little girl but I never knew she had lupus and after she passed away my mom was really hurt. she had did China and her moms hair for years and it was hard to see her all the time knowing she was dying. my mom also told me that the day China died her mother wasn’t hurt and my mom couldn’t understand why but it was because her mom was at peace with herself and at peace with God so she was okay. this story really touched me because it really makes u realize how blessed you can be to be to just be healthy. people always worry about the coolest clothes, the coolest cars, the famous stars, and they have no idea that there’s so much more stuff more important like real life. I feel so humbled by this experience and I really thank my mom for taking me. it was so cool.


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